SilverBirch Book

A fairtale

Once Upon a time, when the huge glaciers of the last ice age receded, a birch tree represented one of the first signs of life in the new landscape. Creatures of Little People are defending their treasure. The treasure is not something sparkling, It is ancient and precious knowledge, about the art of fabrics.

They plan to release their fabrics with parsimony. Legend decrees that only honourable people can own them. The passage to visit the legendary warehouse is protected by Mazzamuriello and Goat Feet Fairy.

Only they can decide if you can be part of the new beginning.

A man just arrived in front of the silver birch and asked: “excuse me sir Mazzamuriello, how I can buy your treasure?” the Mazzamuriello said, “you can have it if you can see it…” The man started to carefully scan the vast land but he could not see anything.

After many attempts, he decided to give up and leave the land where the only presence was a beautiful silver birch with an incredible white trunk. The man went away. After walking for a while he met a small goat covered with horrible plastic bottles. The goat seemed to be in agony on the ground. The man was uncertain. What I should do? The poor animal is dying, but if I stop to help I will be late for my dinner… He decided to help the goat. Slowly he started to remove the plastic around its mouth and head and stroke her, providing a sip of water. The goat said “ohhhhh thank you! Finally, I can breathe, would you be so kind to help me with this funny shell I have on?” … “Sure” – the man said- and he continued to help, carefully removing rubbish from the goat, piece by piece.

“What happened to you?” – he asked – “I fell in a human place, called a dump, on my way back to the silver birch village, and I could not breathe or move until a mechanical tool, with a human on top, grabbed me and dropped me in the dump. I rolled around for hours until I met you I suppose…” – the man removed all the plastic from the goat and put all the rubbish in an extra bag he carried. the goat stood up and started to grow… until she transformed into a beautiful woman with goat feet… “Hello new man – she said – thanks for freeing me from plastic, now you can see you are in the village of the silver birch!” The man could not believe his eyes. Beautiful drapes of linen and handmade cotton… old patterns embroidered and replicated by small fairies… Creatures were dancing while they produced jackets, shirts and trousers…

“We are saving the beauty -the goat feet fairy said- … and today we are sharing our knowledge with you New Man, you have now eyes to see!”

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